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Wellness Trends:

  • Lifestyles of the rich and famous: how concierge, payment companies, insurance and healthcare, and diet and fitness services, private treatment and VIP set the standard for customer service, retail and direct-to-consumer brands
  • The future of fitness: new business models, social media fitness, boutique and in-person vs digital and phygital fitness. Building communities, gamification, influencers and technologies.
  • Self-care: how brands can serve consumers in de-stressing, mindfulness, and mental wellness through rituals, fun, ethics, and BFY convenient solutions. Marketing and product innovation case studies. It’s an inspiring talk – see here for examples from 2020 (so much more happening since!)
  • From adaptogens to gut health: products are getting personal – how functional food, beverage and beauty brands carve the way from core consumers to mainstream appeal. Plant-based, Ayurveda, diets and fitness, mental wellness, aging.
  • Influencer Trend Exploratory: What we can learn from influencers (including social media / creators, influencing companies/retailers/brands/chefs/ restaurants/ retailers) on the future of health and wellness.

Digital Commerce and New Consumers:

  • Livestreaming: the digital commerce revolution – selling products through live events on social media: trends, examples, platforms, implications
  • Mass-customization: personalized products, tailored to the consumer and manufactured by the brand – from personal care to food and beverage. Quizzes, technologies, and formulations designed to fit the individual consumer.
  • Consumers/creators: from influencers-creators to consumer-to-consumer. Manufacturing, marketing and selling products by influencers and consumers. The implications for companies, retail, platforms and licensing. Blockchain and new platforms. Reselling, upcycling, fandom merchandise, creative universe. Using and understanding communities, insiders and “squads”. See Hamutal’s lecture from before COVID-19, the trend only got stronger since!
  • Gen-Z: the rise of the non-binary consumer – letting go of old definitions and assumptions in every industry to remain relevant 10 years from now.
  • Collabs: How brands make collaborations work for them by engaging new demographics / building loyalty and offering more value. More here.
  • Normal-ish: Post-COVID-19 trends: consumers, marketing, cause, ethics, wellness, F&B. See our predictions from last year here and here on food.

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