Schieber Research: Supporting Decisions

Schieber Research helps clients make better strategy, design and marketing decisions through market research and competitive intelligence. Our clients want to know about macro and micro trends that shape their industry; innovation and opportunities for products and marketing; and competitors’ strategies, threats and opportunities.

We identify market undercurrents and strategic shifts and discover incipient trends before they become common knowledge to help answer strategic and tactical queries: How markets are likely to evolve a year or five years from now? What do consumers want and what will they demand in the future? What opportunities to pursuit?

Clients ask us specific questions, often about marketing strategy, segmentation, digital- and direct-to-consumer strategy, loyalty building, market trends and product development.

Often, our customers want us to monitor their industries and competitors — they care about strategy, marketing, product and channel development, and digital initiatives among other things — and we developed a unique methodology to answer their needs effectively and efficiently.

We also provide competitive intelligence and periodical analysis of trends, innovations and strategies. We make sure our clients are kept well informed and on top of the latest developments in their industries.

CEO Hamutal Schieber founded the company in 2009. Our offices are in New York and Tel Aviv.