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Macro-trends, mega-trends and micro-trends: We help you understand what is happening in your market – and what’s next.


Understand the underlying causes of shifts and trends, to develop a better marketing and innovation strategy.


By analyzing different markets, categories and case studies, we identify best practices in competitive markes.


Schieber Research was an excellent choice… many internal and external stakeholder have been, and will continue to be exposed to this key piece of research.

– Barak Orenstein
Chief Marketing Officer, AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories

Schieber Research regularly helps us answer strategic questions… The information we get is always superb, the service professional, and with real strategic import.

– Noah Shachaff
Innovation & Product Development Research Manager, STRAUSS GROUP

Schieber Research provides the most professional services among all marketing research companies we had worked with. They keep us ahead of changes in the market, and informed about trends, innovation and opportunities.

– Perry Levi
Digital Marketing Manager, the COLMOBIL GROUP

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2021-2022 Food Trends After COVID-19

2021-2022 Food Trends After COVID-19

With the Stay-At-Home order affecting consumers’ ability to eat out as they need to cook more meals for more family members who are working and studying from home, consumers strive to find solutions for nutritious, quick meals.

At the same time, macro-trends such as stress-free, gut health, nuanced wellness, indulgence, and community/ethics are driving consumer choices; and diet perceptions are more fragmented than ever due to the influx of influence sources.

The Day After COVID-19: Consumer and Marketing Trends

The Day After COVID-19: Consumer and Marketing Trends

Hamutal Schieber, CEO of Schieber Research, held a webinar on mega-trends, micro-trends, disruption and changes in consumer behavior and marketing strategy following the Coronavirus pandemic. The webinar recording is available here:...

Collabs: Trends and Innovations, March 2021 Report

Collabs: Trends and Innovations, March 2021 Report

"Creative collaborations, long common in fashion and beauty, are now a given in virtually any industry. They can provide the parties involved with faster access to marketing channels, consumer groups and content. They often include a unique line of products and...

Nobody likes trash: The business case for zero-waste

Nobody likes trash: The business case for zero-waste

Zero waste initiatives are growing around the world, and this trend is on track to be the biggest disruption in retail and FMCG. As we will see here, packaging-free stores, e-commerce services, and manufacturing, are on the rise - creating beautiful and distinct...

New Normal // Post-COVID19 Innovation (Curation #1)

New Normal // Post-COVID19 Innovation (Curation #1)

Today is the LAST day of 2020, the year we all loved to hate. Schieber Research is celebrating by launching a new series - curation of interesting, new-normal, post-covid-19 related trends and marketing/product/service innovation news. Special thanks to our Senior...

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