Schieber Research: What You Need to Know

Founded in 2009, and with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Schieber Research has served hundreds of corporations worldwide, from startups to private equity firms to major consumer goods manufacturers/ marketers. We provide market research, ongoing competitive intelligence and trend analysis.

We developed a special methodology to monitor, analyze and facilitate market trends, and our worldwide network of field analysts monitors developments in retail and consumer goods on site.

We specialize in CPG and retail, and we have worked with clients from diverse industries, including: food and beverages, automotive, finance, pharma, retail, beauty and personal care, hospitality, home appliances and digital.

Corporations, overwhelmed by the resources needed for a research or intelligence department, rely on us to tell them what they need to know. We distill information into concise, effective and insightful intelligence that will illuminate and support your decisions.