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We are in it for the long run. We care about our clients’ business just as much as they do, and always go above and beyond.


Schieber Research was an excellent choice… many internal and external stakeholder have been, and will continue to be exposed to this key piece of research.

– Barak Orenstein
Chief Marketing Officer, AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories

Schieber Research regularly helps us answer strategic questions… The information we get is always superb, the service professional, and with real strategic import.

– Noah Shachaff
Innovation & Product Development Research Manager, STRAUSS GROUP

Schieber Research provides the most professional services among all marketing research companies we had worked with. They keep us ahead of changes in the market, and informed about trends, innovation and opportunities.

– Perry Levi
Digital Marketing Manager, the COLMOBIL GROUP

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We employ a worldwide network of field analysts that monitor actual retail environment to keep our clients informed about retail activity and product launches.

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Tell us about your needs today, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help assess the questions and methodologies that will support your decisions.

From The Blog

The Day After COVID-19: Consumer and Marketing Trends

The Day After COVID-19: Consumer and Marketing Trends

Hamutal Schieber, CEO of Schieber Research, held a webinar on mega-trends, micro-trends, disruption and changes in consumer behavior and marketing strategy following the Coronavirus pandemic. The webinar recording is available here:...

CAGNY 2019: Food & Beverage Trends

CAGNY 2019: Food & Beverage Trends

Our CAGNY 2019 report is now available - with some changes. The Consumer Analyst Group New York (CAGNY) conference is where executives of the leading food, beverage, household/ personal products and tobacco companies in North America come together, to discuss major...

2019 Food and Beverage Trends: Innovators & Disruptors

2019 Food and Beverage Trends: Innovators & Disruptors

Our trend forecasting is based on 4 aspects - Macro-Trends (technological and digital trends, regulation, mega-trends, economic changes etc.), Innovators and Disruptors (emerging companies that make the formerly impossible - possible and create new expectations), Best...

Webinar Recording: Influencer Marketing

Webinar Recording: Influencer Marketing

On March 30, 2020, Hamutal talked to dozens of online webinar participants on the market for influencer marketing. Hamutal shared information and statistics on the market, ROI, and best practice - as well as insights on the future of the industry, consumer to consumer...

The Next Wave of Influencer Marketing

The Next Wave of Influencer Marketing

Who are the most important influencers-to-be of 2020? The answer may surprise you. We discussed the trends at length in this Forbes article - would love to hear your thoughts!  ...

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