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Differentiation. Positioning. Expansion. Innovation. Digitalization.

Schieber Research helps you decide on your next move, based on market trends, consumer trends   and the competition, using a unique Trend & Disruption Prediction methodology, based on 15 years of serving leading FMCG, CPG, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Hospitality, Appliance, Automotive, Digital and Ingredient companies worldwide.


Schieber Research has been regularly helping the Strauss Group marketing managers answer numerous questions, including: what are the hottest trends in the food industries? How do we market to teens? What are the most successful packaging innovations? How do we successfully target women?

Schieber Research provides us not only with superb info pro services, but also with strategic consultancy. 

Noa Shachaff, Innovation & Product Development Research Manager, Strauss Group


We have worked with Schieber Research since 2012, during which time they have provided us with excellent support, regarding business data, information and insight from all around the world.

Schieber research combines fast response to all our requests, flexibility and in-depth understanding of our needs, aspirations and market behavior.

I consider Schieber Research as a full partner to all our strategic and tactical planning and as my own “secret weapon” to answer any information need.

Therefore I can confidently recommend Schieber Research as a reliable supplier and expert in its field.

Ofer Sharir, Research Manager, Tempo


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