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We help companies understand – and create – the future of their industries, by analyzing trends and innovations.

With a deep understanding of multiple industries, daily monitoring of innovations and competitive activities, and proprietary analysis models, Schieber Research enables companies to benefit from the advantages of  outside consultants – with the convenience and service level of an in-house analyst, along with access to premium resources and best-in-class analysis skills and methods.

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Can you take the excitement and impulse purchase effect of subscription boxes into traditional industries? Barnes and Noble (our home away from home) certainly thinks so. The retailer has recently introduced the Mystery Box concept in stores, describing the genre and plot lines without actually naming the book. Great example for cross industry innovation –… Read More

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Shortly prior to the sniffing/ debating last night, Audi launched a new video calling consumers to “choose the next driver wisely” because who knows what would happen. But, some things are “worth fighting for”. This is an innuendo, with the elections only subtly referred to, but the timing and execution certainly makes this ad something… Read More

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The Schieber Research Volley team is monitoring retail innovation in NYC to understand the Future of Retail: exceptional service, digital tools, omni-channel, pop-up stores and other innovations. If you want us to check out and report a certain store – let us know.  

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Part of the Stress Free consumer trend, is “guilt free living” – living life sans self hating. Which brings us, obviously, to the complex relationship many women hold with chocolate. Mars’ “masstige” chocolate brand, Dove, uses the immortal “No Regrets” song by Edith Piaf, to communicate justified daily indulgence, living every day like it is… Read More

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We just love the new campaign by Mars, finally acknowledging a significant segment of the population – people with disabilities, who just live life like the rest of us “enabled” people and would like to be acknowledged as such. The message for Maltesers remains “the lighter side”. Watch “New Boyfriend” Ad

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Ikea created an immersive kitchen experience through a pop up shop, urging people to get together, prepare food and eat it together – to “re-discover the joy of the kitchen”, which is Ikea’s marketing mantra.

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What Our Customers Think

Schieber Research has been regularly helping the Strauss Group marketing managers answer numerous questions, including: what are the hottest trends in the food industries? How do we market to teens? What are the most successful packaging innovations? How do we successfully target women?

Schieber Research provides us not only with superb info pro services, but also with strategic consultancy. 

Schieber Research, led by Hamutal Schieber, provides us with the most professional services in the market.

The Schieber Research team enables us to be aware and ahead of changes in our market, and know the trends, innovations, needs and opportunities in our field.

The team’s ability to offer thinking beyond the obvious, and the sense of true partnership, are a real differentiator for us.

We have worked with Schieber Research since 2012, during which time they have provided us with excellent support, regarding business data, information and insight from all around the world.

Schieber research combines fast response to all our requests, flexibility and in-depth understanding of our needs, aspirations and market behavior.

I consider Schieber Research as a full partner to all our strategic and tactical planning and as my own “secret weapon” to answer any information need.

Therefore I can confidently recommend Schieber Research as a reliable supplier and expert in its field.

I often turn to Schieber Research for help with data, competitive intelligence, and getting to know new markets. I wish all of my suppliers would have provided me with such:

Prompt responses

Unique search capabilities

Out of the box thinking

Great service at great prices 

Special Offer

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