Work @ Schieber Research

Schieber Research is currently looking for the following talents in New York, NY. We invest in talent and invite you to grow with us.

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Market Research Analyst

Candidates must be passionate about marketing, strategy and information; with excellent internet  search, presentation building and writing skills. This is open to MBA interns as well as to experienced analysts. We help companies learn about marketing, trends, innovation and strategy – so you can expect to learn a lot doing this!

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Candidates must be able to efficiently skim through various resources and subscriptions in order to identify relevance and importance for senior analysts, and report findings via an easy to use internal system. Must have excellent internet search skills and attention to details. English proficiency a must; Hebrew (reading level) a plus. This role requires to do a lot of reading – we’re looking for you bookworms and avid readers of innovation and business news!

Graphic Designer

We are looking for a graphic designer, to support our growing business with clean, accurate presentation and monthly report design.

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