Intelligence Services

What you need to know – now.

3 Reasons to Hire Us

Save Time and Money

Finding, and training, excellent analysts so that managers will actually benefit from this hard work– require vast amounts of time and money- let us lend you ours.

Improve Communications

Whether you have an analyst team or not, we can either fill that gap or instate methodologies and resources that optimize your inter-company briefing.

Stay On Top of Trends

Our analysts monitor both digitally and physically – to support ongoing strategy, marketing and innovation decisions in order to stay competitive in your industry.

How We Help You Make Smart Decisions

Knowledge is the infusion of information with insights. Our knowledge is the outcome of a careful, evidence-based research. We developed a methodology that tracks closely incumbents and startups, detects market undercurrent before they become common knowledge and spots strategic shifts that in time reshape industries. We’ll make sure you are ready to make informed and smart decisions.

We understand that sometimes your needs and goals change while work is still in progress—you’ll find us flexible, thoughtful and responsive. In whatever we do, we always ask ourselves: how can we add value to your business?

Keeping You in the Know

Tailor-Made Materials

whether your company needs a phone call, a presentation or a workshop- we make sure to update you in the way that is most effective for your organization.

On Going Monitoring

We keep you in the know: product innovations, marketing initiatives, new opportunities, events and trends.


Schieber Research was an excellent choice… many internal and external stakeholder have been, and will continue to be exposed to this key piece of research.

– Barak Orenstein
Chief Marketing Officer, AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories

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