Market Research

Founded in 2009, Schieber Research helps companies understand what’s to come by connecting the dots between consumer trends, competitor strategies, technology and macro-trends.

  • Market Trends

    Understand where the wind is blowing: macro-trends and regulations; economic, social and health shifts to consider for your innovation strategy.

  • Competitors

    Competitive analysis and case studies for inspiration, differentiation, and best practice adoption, to find and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Consumers

    Connecting the dots between social media activity, influencers, searches, sales data and brand communication to understand consumer trends.

  • Technology

    Creating solutions to old problems; understanding digital markets creating new challenges, consumer expectations and competitors.


Schieber Research was an excellent choice… many internal and external stakeholder have been, and will continue to be exposed to this key piece of research.

– Barak Orenstein
Chief Marketing Officer, AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories

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