Our research in the past years brought up the issue of Mental Wellness as part of Holistic Health and Wellness, specifically – consumers’ search for stress-free living.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused stress and anxiety to reach an all-time high, but this general trend is not going anywhere. This is why consumers find their own ways to handle stress: they become more mindful (asking “why” and searching for a Purpose; reclaiming their time; connecting with their community; un-automating their consumption decisions and behavior; etc). They adopt “Self-Care” routines – anywhere from bubble baths and at-home massages, to journaling and meditation.

Listen to the Podcast – Here

For brands, this is a great opportunity to really be helpful and win consumers’ loyalty. Here’s more on the subject:

New on Forbes.com – my article on “The Self Care Consumer“.

If your brand had a playlist – what would it be?

Which of the moments related to your brand’s consumption and purchase do your consumers view as a waste of time – and how can you prolong moments that would inspire and enable introspection?

Also, My new presentation is available for viewing here.

And to those of you who speak Hebrew, here’s a recording to my webinar, hosted by The Israeli Export Institute yesterday.


I would love to hear your thoughts – how are you helping consumers reclaim time, find personal connections and/or indulge themselves?


Happy 2021,


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