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  • 2021 – 2022 Food Trends (Post COVID-19) + Video Presentation

    4th Jan 2021

    This presentation explores some of the leading trends in the North American and European markets related to consumer behavior, mega-trends and company strategies based on the 2020 CAGNY conference and strategic investor reports, to help you prepare for the 2020s.

    The report is available for download for a limited time. You can book a live webinar and brainstorming session with Hamutal Schieber, a world-class expert on consumer goods trends and innovation, presenting the report and discussing the trends in-depth. Contact us for a quote.

    Table of Contents

    • Mega-Trends: Mindfulness, Stress-Free, Community, Experience
    • Trends: Nuanced Wellness, Convenience, Local & Ethical, Mindful Indulgence
    • Post-COVID-19 Trend map
    • Over 70 food product innovation examples (mostly Europe and North America)


    • Graphs & Tables
    • “The & Consumer”, Kerry Group, CAGNY 2020
    • Mindful Consumption, Mondelez, CAGNY 2020 & Investor Reports
    • Factors affecting grocery shoppers (nutrition, ingredients) – Germany, UK, USA Dec. 2019
    • Consumer Trends: Diet Strategies, trends & fads, Schieber Research analysis, 2020
    • Diet Changes, USA, January 2020
    • Changes in health benefits from foods following the pandemic, USA, April 2020
    • Free-from sector by value, sales and growth, UK 2020
    • Ethical Consumerism, 2018-2019
    • Meat reduction intentions in Europe, 2017
    • Type of “Flexitarian” / omnivore diet – Germany, UK, USA Dec. 2019
    • Share of vegetarians/vegans, Italy 2014 – 2019
    • Share of US consumers trying and intending to continue buying new Food and Beverage brands due to COVID-19, USA, April 2020
    • Factors influencing Millennials eating habits, July 2019
    • The importance of eating together as a family – Germany, UK, USA Dec. 2019
    • Time willing to spend on dinner preparation, Germany, UK, USA Dec. 2019
    • Snacking statistics & strategy, Tyson, CAGNY 2020
    • Ready Meal success, ConAgra, CAGNY 2020
    • Share of organic food in an average shopping cart, Germany, UK, USA Dec. 2019
    • Global demand for flavor and seasoning, McCormick, CAGNY 2020
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  • Consumer Goods Strategies and Trends: CAGNY Roundup, March 2017

    8th Aug 2020

    What are the latest consumer trends? What answers do the biggest names in consumer goods have in store? There’s hardly a better place to learn about what goes through the minds of marketing executives than the CAGNY conference, which, in 2017, brought together leaders of Mondelez, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Unilever, Nestlé, Tyson Foods, L’Oréal, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson and other household names.
    Our report provides an overview of companies’ views on market and consumer trends, and provides over 100 examples of marketing, product and strategic innovation.

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  • Food and Beverage Trends: The Fancy Food Show, 2017

    14th Dec 2020

    In June 2017 we visited New York’s “Fancy Food Show” in order to review the most interesting innovations in F&B first-hand, and help our clients find partners and discover opportunities.
    This presentation features the trends we believe to be shaping the food & beverage industry, along with examples from the exhibition’s products and lectures, which in our opinion best express those trends.
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  • Health and Wellness: The Gut Health Mega-Trend

    18th Oct 2017

    From “low-carb” to “smart carb”, through “high- protein” and “plant-based protein”, to “allergen-free” lifestyles: US consumers have been utilizing different strategies, in an attempt to manage their health through a more calculated consumption of food and beverage.

    Today, the emergence of scientific evidence on the role of the human microbiome, and the importance of a healthy gut, meets a consumer who is thirsty for weight management and a bloat-free life. As a result, gut health is fast becoming a new lifestyle approach that will affect food and beverages, vitamins and supplements, and beauty.

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  • Leveraging Digital in Confectionery

    14th Dec 2020

    This competitive intelligence report discusses confectionery companies’ strategies related to using digital in sales and marketing, throughout the confectionery shopper’s journey.
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  • Plant-Based Milk: Markets, Trends and Strategies

    14th Dec 2020

    The report examines the Plant-Based Milk (PBM) market, focusing on the North American and European markets:

    • Market size and trends in alternative milk (non-dairy milk)
    • Growth engines and barriers
    • Consumer trends
    • Innovation, technology and emerging brands
    • best-in-class strategies
    • Pricing
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  • Stress-Free: A Powerful Consumer Motivation

    22nd Dec 2018

    Recent consumer trends may well be explained by a simple, though powerful, motivation: to avoid or minimize stress.

    “Stress Free” has become ubiquitous in marketing campaigns, as more and more companies prefix the term to their brands. But make no mistake: this is a sophisticated concept that drives strategy and governs how some of the most successful companies envision their mission.

    It is therefore useful for brands to understand the stress-free megatrend, and we introduce The Stress-Free Principle to capture both consumers’ motivations and companies’ myriad strategies of addressing it. The Principle provides an effective framework to understand recent developments in many industries — from food and beverages, cosmetics and personal care to technology, financial services, travel and tourism — and it should guide your innovation.

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