In Schieber Research, we look at technologies, regulations, competitors, and start-ups to understand the future of the industry. One of the cross-channel tools is a meta-analysis of influencers.

What this means is, that we identify the source of influence: whether on social media (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, and Gaming), including mega influencers, micro influencers, and nano influencers – or on other establishments, such as retailers, brands, and away-from-home or professional venues. This is tailored to your product/ products, geographical market or influencing markets (based on Schieber Research analysis), and target consumers. 

Then, our analysts and trend experts explore marketing claims, positioning, product usage, formats, and influencer positioning/engagement/content connections, in order to unveil consumer trends in the making – what consumers will be seeking in the near future.

Our advantage is the unique combination of AI tools with the Schieber Research analysts’ investigation, and Hamutal Schieber’s 20-year-long experience in FMCG, marketing, trends, and innovation research, enabling us to separate noise from actual facts, tell trends from fads, and create actionable, tailor-made reports to truly support your new product development.



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