A part of the e-commerce appeal for shoppers is the stress-free shopping experience: hyper convenience, speed and variety with minimum effort.
However, the subject of variety is a double-edged sword: while it reduces stress on the one hand, it also induces stress due to the inability to choose, and can even cause shoppers to abandon the site without completing a purchase.
This is one of the reasons why we consider curation is a key strategy for e-commerce retailers. Curation eases the path to purchase, making smaller selections of hand-picked and/or personalized items, and can drive unplanned sales as shoppers discover surprisingly relevant items.
Just as importantly, curation is the basis for differentiation in a highly competitive market.

The following reports examine differentiation and curation strategies for leading US Fashion e-commerce websites, as part of the Schieber Research e-commerce best practice benchmark. The websites are leading in terms of visitors, per Alexa Ranking.






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