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Unilever: Direct to Consumer Goes Beyond Dollar Shave Club

For Unilever, DSC is the face of D2C. But here are 3 other concepts you might not know about, that the company plans to leverage in 2018, in an attempt to win a larger share of the fast growing toiletries and personal care e-commerce market. More than ever, consumer...

E-Commerce Trends and Innovations, Oct. 2017

A Schieber Research report on the role of e-commerce as a significant and growing retail channel, the challenges of the "last mile" and the importance of convenience and personalization through data. Prepared for Carmelon Digital Marketing. If you are a retailer,...

The Role of Brick & Mortar in Omni-Channel Retailing

Brick and mortar plays a significant part in the omni-channel world. Stores, no longer the only way to buy and receive products, transform into a hub, an experimentation and exploration space. Leveraging physical presence is a strength for retailers: no wonder, then, that digital players are increasingly opening physical stores. 
This presentation provides a curated selection of examples for effective innovation.

10 Trends FMCGs Should Address in 2018

These are the leading consumer and NPD trends to expect in 2018 in food, beverage, beauty, and household goods, based on Schieber Research’s competitive intelligence and research methodology.

Gut Health: The Next Mega-Trend in Health and Wellness

From "low-carb" to "smart carb", through "high- protein" and "plant-based protein", to "allergen-free" lifestyles: US consumers have been utilizing different strategies, in an attempt to manage their health through a more calculated consumption of food and beverage....

Amazon: Key Success Factors

Mapping the reasons for Amazon's industry leadership and growth is a difficult task. There is hardly an area of innovation left untapped (often, re-invented) by the company. Amazon's mission is to be a “customer focused company”, and this guides any decision made by...

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Convenience vs Experience in CPG

  Consumer segmentation creates an opportunity for companies, to develop products and services that were previously unavailable to consumers, but may respond to an existing need. In CPG, one such need is the time-commitment insight: time scarcity/convenience vs...

The ’90s are back (and they made a mixtape)

Recent brand campaigns are using tape cassettes to respond to the comeback of the 1990’s. We are putting on our flannel shirts and Levi’s in a quest to explore relevant trends.

The “Free From” Trend and UK Retail

Allergy-free food and beverage continues to drive the industry. These products do not contain allergens such as nuts, gluten, dairy, soy and/or eggs, and they are growing due to actual and perceived sensitivity, perceived health profile, and - soon - gut health and...

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