Brand stores and pop up retail continue to provide brands with a great marketing tactic, enabling them to engage consumers directly, and set the scene for the ultimate consumption experience of the brand.
Over the last few years, brands have invested in retail way beyond temporary pop up stores, with brand stores developing into owned/ franchised retail chains, which allowed brands to collect data on customers’ preferences as well as to communicate messages.

One such brand is Nestle’s Kit-Kat, that, in Japan, went beyond its sales channels innovation and huge flavor variety, to open the “KitKat Chocolatory” retail chain.
In Melbourne, Australia, the brand has launched a store which enables customers to personalise their own bar.
Now, a pop up store of the same kind opened in London.

While we believe that some of the opportunities for brand communication in retail are being overlooked, there are definitely some beautiful examples out there for adventurous brands using “bretail” to surprise and delight consumers.

Schieber Research believes that brand stores can provide something which traditional F&B retail fails to achieve: beating e-commerce channels through experience, without depending on the rank, buy-box or pricing on the website.
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