Competitive Intelligence

Finding, and training, excellent analysts; instating methodologies and resources; and managing the inter-company briefing processes so that managers will actually benefit from this hard work – require vast amounts of time and money.

We help small to medium-sized companies, who sometimes don’t have in-house analysts, as well as large companies, who sometimes have a full analyst team, to make sure they are on top of the trends and competition in their industries.

We monitor events – both digitally and physically – to support ongoing strategy, marketing and innovation decisions.

We distill information into concise, effective and insightful intelligence that will illuminate and support your decisions.

We provide ongoing competitive intelligence, and a periodical must-know-info report, to inspire, prepare and support the short and long term goals of our clients. These tailor-made, personalized reports are provided in various formats including phone calls; soft copy presentations and reports; social groups and/or workshops.