Amazon Go, Amazon Meal Kits and the Future of Retail

Today, Amazon has unveiled its grocery store concept – Amazon Go. Beyond product variety, this store re-imagines convenience through a completely seamless, digital check out.


This kind of store may hold many benefits for retailers, as it may reduce sales force while increasing customer satisfaction. It may become disruptive to payment technology companies, as it binds the shopping with specific Amazon pre-determined technology.

But most of all, it’s a new channel for convenient solutions in food and beverage, that is in line with consumers’ search for Stress Free retailing. Clearly, Amazon aims to make a Stress Free store, targeting Millennials, as it offers ready to eat and snacking options, as well as Amazon Meal Kits.

Hopefully, this store will present concepts that are tailored and personalized to the specific shopper, using Amazon data.


The Amazon store is located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, and is currently open to Amazon employees in Beta program. Planned to open to the public in early 2017.

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