The Persil / Zip Jet Collaboration: Not just about Data

The Unilever / Zip Jet collaboration, featuring Persil’s brand on the ZipJet laundry by demand app, is perceived by analysts as another step towards data collection, allegedly similar to the Dollar Shave Club acquisition. But there is much more than that. Unilever, like any other consumer goods company, must find new channels to win consumers, that are becoming brand agnostic and less prone to premium brands that don’t come with services.
Laundry by demand may very well become the main system for doing laundry, due to urbanisation, work-life balance and “less stress” seeking. Detergent manufactures must find a way to participate in this field, and teaming with a leading competitor provides a relatively risk-free way to test this concept.

December 2016 update: the Zip Jet website does not feature Persil as does the unique URL to the micro-site.

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